About Us

The Nail Studio was founded by Terri Chow and Kasi Hardy in 2018. It follows a long career in the Nail industry and a passion for everything that sparkles.

We have worked alongside our supplier to create a brand that is set to soar through its market. All of our glitters meet European standards and our premium grade glitters are super fine which make them perfect for nail art, make up and body art.

What makes working with glitter even more exciting is how versatile it can be, being Nail enthusiasts and using so many different methods of nail extensions we found it our mission to find a glitter that would work with all our offered products. Not only do they work effortlessly with Acrylic, Hard Gel and Gel colours but they can be applied in various ways to give them a completely new look. One tube of the Nail Studio glitter will give you endless opportunities to create new colours and sparkles on nails.

The quality of our glitters make it so easy to apply in to your make up application or use as body art. We are working on a Festival range body art glitter set to launch Summer 18.