Top Tips

Burnish It

Our finer glitters work great when burnished on the tacky layer of your gel polish, our metallic glitters give off a chrome effect with a sparkle and the sparkle on our iridescent glitters is eye-catching.

To achieve this look,

  • Apply a chosen gel colour and cure (you may need two coats depending on your gel range)
  • Using a fluffy nail art brush dip it into your glitter and brush over the nail.
  • Dust off any excess glitter.
  • Apply your gel polish top coat and cure, you will find that there is little or no residue transferred onto you gel polish brush.

We find this method to be the most popular form of application, it’s quick, simple and super effective. You can use our glitters and a variety of colours to get different results, making the possibilities for your nail creations endless.

Sprinkle It

Sprinkling glitter on to uncured gel is another method we use to add our glitters to nails, using this method it gives a lot of depth to where the glitter sits on the nail and the sparkling results are to die for.

To achieve this look,

  • Apply first coat of gel polish and cure.
  • Apply a second coat of gel polish, place glitter catcher under the finger and sprinkle glitter over the nail.
  • Tap the finger to remove excess glitter and cure.
  • Once cured dust off any excess glitter with a bristle dusting brush.
  • Apply gel top coat and cure.

We find when your sprinkle your glitter it’s best to do so in small amounts to ensure an even and non-lumpy application. If you do find after you’ve applied and cured the top coat you can feel a grain of glitter, lightly buff the nail and apply another gel top coat to smooth it out.

Encapsulate It

Only work with acrylic? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, all our glitters are solvent resistant and can be used inside an acrylic mix. There are a few different ways to apply it with acrylic all resulting in the perfect sparkle on your nails.

Method 1

To achieve this look,

  • Fill the lid of your glitter halfway with your chosen colour.
  • Submerge your brush into your monomer and collect a bead from your acrylic powder.
  • Dip the bead of acrylic into the glitter and watch as the glitter absorbs in.
  • Apply to your prepped nail as normal.
  • Once set, buff and apply your gel top coat.

Method 2

  • Using a separate pot add a scoop of clear acrylic powder.
  • Mix in a cap full of your chosen glitter and mix well.
  • Submerge your brush into your monomer.
  • Pick up a bead of your acrylic glitter mix and apply it to your prepped nail.
  • Once set buff and apply your gel top coat.

Don’t be afraid to add lots of glitter it will not compromise the strength of your acrylics. Please note that the glitter will lose its shine until it is buffed and magically the sparkle appears once you apply your gel top coat.